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Ukrainian Nuclear Terrorism In Response To Russian Shelling Of Military Targets
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While the Ukrainian front lines are inflamed by fierce fighting without any new gains by any of the warring sides, Russian and Ukrainian forces continue their strikes on military and infrastructure facilities.

On November 20, Russian missiles hit Motor Sich which is one of the main enterprises of the Ukrainian military industry. As a result of the attack, a workshop for assembling engines for aircraft belonging to the Air Forces of Ukraine was heavily damaged.

Motor Sich is one of the leading enterprises for the production of engines for airplanes and helicopters, and also industrial marine gas turbines and electrical production installations. Russian strikes on the facility will prevent Ukrainian forces from maintaining their aircraft in working order. Including the Soviet-made aircraft like mi-8 and Mi-24 which are provided by Kiev’s foreign allies.

Attacks on Motor Sich facilities will deprive Ukraine from the mass production of industrial gas turbine units which are necessary for the electricity production amid the collapse of the entire Ukrainian energy system.

In their turn, the Armed Forces of Ukraine resumed attacks on the facilities of the Zaporozhie nuclear power plant which is the largest NPP in Europe.

The Ukrainian military has resumed shelling in the area, targeting the dangerous nuclear facilities, on the evening of November 19. The attacks continued the following day.

Over the past day, Ukrainian troops have fired more than 20 artillery shells on the territory of the NPP. Eight rounds of ammunition exploded between the fifth power unit and the special corps No. 2, three others hit the area between the fourth and fifth power units, and another shell hit the roof of special corps No. 2, where fresh spent nuclear fuel is stored. Two more shells hit the power transmission line that supplies the power plant with electricity.

The Ukrainian military shelled the plant from their positions near the village of Marganets in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

The head of the IAEA, Rafael Grossi called for immediate cessation of the shelling of the plant and recalled the need to create a safety zone around the Zaporizhia NPP as soon as possible. The head of the international organization avoided to name which side responsible for the attacks and added that some buildings and equipment on the territory of the NPP were damaged during the shelling, but “the damage was not critical for nuclear safety at the facility.”

Russian officials criticized the position of the IAEA claiming the statements about the non-critical damage to nuclear safety at the NPP represented the height of cynicism. There are turbine oil tanks, a nitrogen-oxygen station and hydrogen tanks which are constantly being shelled by the Kiev’s forces. Fires there would lead to catastrophes and threaten the security of the entire station.

The West continues to turn a blind eye on the terrorist warfare of the Kiev regime. Moreover, it supports Ukrainian nuclear blackmail tactics with tacit support, including through international organizations like the IAEA.

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