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Roundtable on Prophecies of WW III & Russia-Ukraine War – Part 1 of 2
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Brian Ruhe
Published 3 months ago |
Part 1 of 2. On March 5, 2022 we had a meetup about Nicolaas van Rensburg, who was a great prophet correct on about 430 of 740 predictions. In this Meetup I related the prophecies to the current Russia-Ukraine War. His prophecies are in the book, "Messenger of God" available at Amazon at:

The prophecies of WW III include predictions which have already come true since 2015, which were predicted to happen just before the outbreak of WW III.

Previous videos: 3 Prophecies Fulfilled This Week, Prior to WW III, with Simon Roche

Russia Ukraine War & Prophecies of WW III

We also went around the group so everyone could share their thoughts on these matters. See Part 2. Some experiencers who have had alien contact also report similar predictions so these prophecies are relevant to our concerns, with this Meetup group. Some experiencers have been told that the Grey aliens will not allow a nuclear war.

Nicolaas van Rensburg lived in South Africa from 1864 until his death in 1926 and he is perhaps the most accurate predictor of all time, better than Nostradamus but he is hardly known outside South Africa.

Simon Roche, is the spokesman for the Suidlanders at in South Africa and he has been on my show countless times. The playlist WW III Prophecies / South Africa is at

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