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Psychopath Susan Manning Attempted Kidnapping Caught on Body Cam by Ephraim, Utah Police Sgt. Steven Cragun
Published 9 months ago


1. Susan Manning was told by law enforcement that she did NOT have authority to have Tim and Cheri McGaffin's daughter.
2. Susan fled with our daughter once she knew Cheri was on her way to pick her up.
3. When called on the phone by police, Susan resisted bringing our daughter back and had to be threatened with kidnapping charges 3 times.
4. Case number of the Manning kidnapping / custodial interference investigation is: 22041368

Ephraim, Utah Police Department
5 S Main Street
Ephraim, UT 84627
Phone: 435-283-4602

Sanpete County Attorney Office:
160 North Main,
Suite 306
Manti, UT 84642
Phone: 435-835-6381

Manti, Utah DCFS Office:
55 S. Main St.
Manti, Utah, 84642
Dave Stevens
[email protected]

Susan Manning has a history of abusing, kidnapping, making false allegations and exploiting her own family in an attempt to gain power and control.

Susan Manning and her 6th husband, Michael Brook both now have a permanent stalking injunction against them which prevents them from contacting us and our family or trying to gather any information about us directly or indirectly through any 3rd party.

In addition to the stalking injunction there is also a NO CONTACT ORDER against both Susan Manning and Michael Brook as they were also each criminally charged for "electronic communication harassment".

Susan Manning attempted to kidnap our daughter on April 28, 2022. Cheri McGaffin filed a police report on the attempted kidnapping which is still being investigated. Case number: 22041368

As Cheri was growing up, Susan groomed and brainwashed Cheri by constantly lying to Cheri about her father, coaching Cheri what to say on the phone to her father, then recording the phone calls between Cheri and her father. Susan also took Cheri to satanic rituals and kidnapped Cheri 3 times, among other psychopathic behavior.

In 2022 we recognized Susan repeating her same patterns of grooming and brainwashing with our own daughters (Susan's granddaughters). We (Tim and Cheri McGaffin) then confronted Susan and we established healthy boundaries to protect our daughters, our children, our family from Susan's machinations and manipulations.

Susan then called and lied to CPS caseworker Annette Monson.

DCFS supervisor Dave Stevens recently called Tim McGaffin on the phone and told Tim that Susan lied about everything. Dave said it wasn't just half-truths mixed with lies, it was all lies. There wasn't even a sliver of truth.

Dave Stevens also said that CPS “definitely made mistakes” and that changes need to be made such as:

1. No more trespassing. (Annette Monson trespassed in our home)
2. Review actual evidence, do not make assumptions.
3. Need to verify all information.

I am only given so much space to write. For any investigative journalists, please send me an email: [email protected]

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