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Top 5 Proofs the Firmament EXISTS - Domed or Level
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Published a year ago
Robin Hood's $5,000 'Silver Coin Challenge' . . our Earth is LEVEL
Prove that Earth is curved, or that it Spins, or that it Orbits the Sun

Truth never fears investigation . . only Deceptions fear investigation
I invite every Globe enthusiast to our FE group . . $5,000 challenge
. . come to my FE group to define details of your challenge

Earth is indeed Stationary and Level . . Research proves this obvious Truth
Every ocean/lake surveys/measures perfectly LEVEL . . ZERO Curvature !
Ask yourself how a Round Spherical Earth has measurably FLAT oceans ?

Earth Curvature Calculators . . . .
Flat Earth Sun, Moon & Zodiac Clock app . .
. . by Blue Water Bay

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