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Janet Ossebaard - Fall Of The Cabal: Videos 1 Through 10. A Well Documented Research Of The Cabal.
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Published 4 months ago |
This video is a good recap of the events from the past years and it is a documentary about the cabal and the many tactics they use to deceive and control the world and some of the history. This video is not recent but it contains lots of good useful information and it covers many subjects and thought provoking issues.

Some of the various subjects covered include the central banks and banking families, fake news and fake media, operation mockingbird, immigration caravans, human trafficking, pedophilia, child protection services - CPS, sex slavery, Haiti, the Clintons, George Soros, censorship, questionable deaths, political leaders, CIA, Bilderberg, symbolism, cartoons, Disney, Hollywood culture, cannibalism, child sacrifice, adrenochrome, devious sexual art, Nazism, operation paperclip and many other subjects including Donald Trump and Q.
AgendaBlackmailCabalCommunistDeathDeceptionDepopulationEvilExecutionsGlobalistsIlluminateJFK JrJusticeKillingsManipulationMurderNaziPeacePizzagateRoyaltySatanismTreasonVictoryWarWorld

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