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COVID Q & A with Dr. Peter McCullough (Part 2)
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Published 3 years ago
We, the general public are so confused and inundated with mixed and misinformation by the CDC, NIH, WHO, and current administration, and so appreciate a qualified doctor speaking out about this. It is truly a crime that more voices such as his are not being acknowledged. Thank you again, – Brenda!
Here at America Out Loud, we are receiving a tremendous number of questions and comments on a daily basis, and are doing our best to get the answers back into your hands. Dr. Peter McCollough will be joining Malcolm Out Loud in the weeks ahead on the Voice of a Nation to bring a series of these highly important Q & A’s to the airwaves. Dr. Peter McCullough is an academic internist, cardiologist, and epidemiologist from Dallas, TX. Dr. McCullough is considered among the world’s top experts on COVID-19 pandemic response.
Here are examples of the kind of questions that we will address on the program, and much more:
– My best friend’s husband is fighting for his life in the hospital with double pneumonia and Covid. He is currently on a ventilator and Lisa, my friend, has requested to the doctors for Mike, her husband, to have the proper meds to help this along with vitamin c and d and they are refusing. She has been told to get a lawyer to help her with the rest his but she doesn’t know who to go to. I am reaching out to see if you might have some guidance.
– I am an affiliate attorney with Liberty Counsel. This is with reference to something Dr. McCullough mentioned on the latest podcast about prophylaxis concerning oral and nasal swabs. Can you tell me what specific nasal swab or brand is recommended?
– I am seeking exemption for wearing a mask, my university needs a medical approval before continuing the process. I am deeply concerned about my health and well-being while wearing a mask so I was hoping you could help me?
– We have had no side effects that we are aware of from the vaccine. Does this mean we are free from future side-effects? Should we forego any boosters? Did the vaccine destroy our natural immunity?
– How accurate is the VAERS data? Whenever I post VAERS info on social media, inevitably someone will say that data cannot be trusted.
– Should I be more concerned about getting the virus or future variants? I feel at a disadvantage and vulnerable to what variants are coming. Do I have greater risk the longer I go not getting it? I feel compelled to keep up the regimen, but wondered if there is risk of toxicity of Vit D or zinc?
– I listened to the Q and A with Malcolm and Dr. McCullough. Malcolm and his wife became very ill with COVID and had used all the recommended at-home treatments plus recommended supplements yet his wife nearly died. That was very frightening to listeners. My question is, would her illness had been less severe if she’d been vaccinated?
– Can you please give me your thoughts on the use of Remdesivir?
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