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Funeral Director Reveals All: “I Suspect THOUSANDS Were Killed — Euthanised”
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Published 2 years ago
Funeral Director John O'Looney Blows the Whistle on Covid

"I suspect THOUSANDS of people were killed — euthanised — in these care homes using midazolam ... every death possible was labelled as a covid death."

"The delta variant I can tell you is widely recognized within the NHS as a vaccine injury. It's not a virus. It's vaccine injury. And I can tell you as a funeral director you've been told a very elaborate lie to convince everyone that they're ill and there's a dangerous virus and you need a life-saving jab. And the real deathrate was in care homes as a result of midazolam and then the deliberate relabelling of every normal death as a covid death. And then we've seen the extreme death rate once they actually begun vaccinating. And it is definitely 100% that, I can tell you as a funeral director." (~ 19 mark)

"Two things are going to happen shortly. I can tell you this with amazing foresight. They are already jabbing children. They have been inventing new variants -- a newly named variant every other month. And the idea of that is there isn't a variant -- is to get you used to the idea of there being a variant. What will happen shortly with all these children that they're injecting is children will get sick and children will die as a direct result of these injections. It will swiftly be labelled as a new variant. They will parade crisis actors and bereaved parents on the TV, mainstream media, urging you to get the jab and protect the children. It's a certainty. It will happen. And I'm waiting for it to happen." (~ 20 mark)

"These injections that are killing people".

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