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Truth-Media Panel 2 | Report 256 | Time to Face Down the Crown Behind Today's Medical Tyranny
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Ramola D Reports
Published 3 months ago |
Informative and candid conversation with Dean Henderson, investigative journalist and author, Rob Rubin of Transparent Media Truth, and Shai Danon, a freedom-fighter and truth-media journalist from Israel on the nature of the powers behind the current-day tyranny we are seeing enacted brutally in Australia, UK, USA, France, and many other countries of the world.

As lockdowns continue, variant-talk proliferates, and spineless government officials play out the transhumanist-AI agenda of fiat bankers and pharmaceutical pharaohs, clamping masks on toddlers, nasally-probing babies, and mass-vaccinating frightened children in stadiums--yet unable to prove the existence of a single virus--what is the right response for people in countries all over the world?

The hour is late, this panel concludes, the line has been drawn: it is either Them or Us. To avoid the human-energy-harvesting future envisioned by deranged despots--as clarified in the social impact investing, social credit systems, digital IDs, vaccine passports, BCI-AI, microchipping, Graphene-and-5G nanobiosensor, neuromodulating systems already being rolled out--people need to stand up and protect their children, their bodily autonomy, and their God-given rights now.

Whether this can be done peacefully in non-violent resistance to tyranny or whether this will end in bloodshed with aggression from violent governments provoking defense with gunfire remains to be seen; several on this panel foresee an inevitable tumble downhill toward the latter.

This writer of course clings to the power of the written and spoken word, and exhorts all watching to write and send your Letters of Liability, your Notices of Harm, your Letters of Notiification, your Declarations of Sovereignty and Freedom from Mandates now, before it comes to that point of nasty no-return. Common law groups, sovereignty groups, live-life claims, living in the private--please explore all this.

Most of all, explore the terrain--research widely to understand the truth of what is going on here--it is a Power-Grab, not a Pandemic, and if you value your human life, stand up to expose it please.
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