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How to make 1 liter of 3000 ppm Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS)
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Pure CDS = Chlorine Dioxide gas (ClO2) dissolved in distilled water (H2O)


1 liter of distilled water.
75 ml of 22.4% sodium chlorite solution.
75 ml of 50% citric acid (or 10% hydrochloric acid).

How to make 22.4% sodium chlorite solution:

Dissolve 140 grams of sodium chlorite powder or flakes (containing 80% sodium chlorite) in 360 grams of distilled water.

Let the solution stand for 24 hours in a dark place and then filter it with a coffee filter.

How to make 50% citric acid:

Dissolve 300 grams of citric acid powder in 300 grams of distilled water.

How to make 10% hydrochloric acid:

Dilution examples:
Mix 100 ml of 35% hydrochloric acid with 250 ml of distilled water.
Mix 100 ml of 30% hydrochloric acid with 200 ml of distilled water.
Mix 100 ml of 20% hydrochloric acid with 100 ml of distilled water.


If distilled water is not available, use filtered water.

Do not make or store sodium chlorite solution, citric acid or hydrochloric acid using anything made of metal.


Store the 3000 ppm CDS in a glass bottle. Put it in the refrigerator.


To disinfect uncut fruits and vegetables, use 5 ml of 3000 ppm CDS for every 3 liters of water.

For other uses, please visit the websites of Andreas Kalcker and Jim Humble.

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