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MK ULTRA SURVIVOR Explains In Detail How Our Minds Are Being Controlled & How We Can Fight Back - {MIRROR}
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Dyann Bridges
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Published 3 years ago
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This last year has been a wake up call for many. Do you think they would've if the threat and actual suffering didn’t occur?
Transhumanism. It's begun. Part human and part artificial intelligence. Nanotechnology is here.
Tim Ray interviews high-level MKUltra survivor, Elisa E, about technology that’s been embedded in her since the 1970s, how it works, and what we can expect to experience in a transhuman world.
Tim Ray also speaks with author and researcher, Elana Freeland. She shares how we have been and continue to be in this ever assembling transhumanism experiment, as well as the role of the internet of things. As well how it interacts with the ingredients in chemtrails in securing our fate as technologically enslaved humans.

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