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Against the Persecution of ALINA LIPP, German Journalist in Donbass - "Free Journalism is NOT A CRIME" - Demonstration in Berlin. 10-02-22
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Cynthia's Pursuit of Truth
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Alina Lipp said the following with this video, on 10/4/22. "Against the persecution of Alina Lipp! Free journalism is not a crime!" - Demonstration in Berlin Right now in Berlin! A rally for friendship with Russia, against the supply of weapons to Ukraine and against the persecution of you 😇 It's great to have such support!


A rally in support of German journalist Alina Lipp, who has been repeatedly persecuted for her journalistic work covering the events in Donbas, is taking place right now in Berlin. Not only Alina herself, but her family has also suffered — Alina's mother, Petra Lipp, was also targeted . She had to leave the country, and her bank accounts were blocked.

The protesters call for stopping Russophobia and arms shipments to Ukraine. "Rally for friendship with Russia and against the prosecution of Russians," Alina writes on her Telegram.


For those that don't know about Alina, she has also been on the UKR Kill List for quite some time. Free Alina, pray that she doesn't go to jail by the Fascist German Gov that made this new law against Journalist speaking the truth about Ukraine. A penalty of up to 3 years.  Sharing the truth about the genocide of the Russian people that Live in the Donbass region. Since 2014, they are being murdered by their once own country Ukraine, but NOW part of Russia officially today, as like before. ...Cynthia

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