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Denying ETs Means You Live in A Fairy Tale World
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Brian Ruhe
Published 3 months ago |
In this video, I refer to the virtual background photo which is from an astonishing video linked here: UFO Today Claims That Astronauts Managed To Record 3 UFOs From ISS
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You’re living in a fairy tale if you don’t accept the UFO/ ET presence in our world. It’s a big part of our reality which is not part of our public discourse. I am aligned with the global government behind the scenes, in the belief that “humanity can’t handle the truth”. We must go slowly with ET disclosure. On Richard Dolan’s video, released Feb. 15, 2022 he says at 31:39, that we are living in a fairy tale world, a forced fiction. Video: Richard Dolan interview on MUFON "What's Up" (replay)

This week someone wrote to me and said they are no longer watching my videos since I went “off planet” but this phenomenon is real. It’s a huge portion of our reality that is not confronted by our society. Kids are not taught this in school; it’s not discussed in our universities. With my four top priorities for the world I assert here that I am the highest standard of truth in Canada:

UFOs and aliens are a big part of our world and our political history, in the US and with the globalists. This is a significant, massive part of our reality that is siphoned out of our public discourse.

The video linked above, has three triangle UFOs fly by the International Space Station on Feb. 19, 2019. I have done videos with Jozy Ball who has seen and has likely been on one of those triangles. Many others give accounts of what they are like on the inside, hundred of metres across, with glass tubes with hybrid embryos, Greys and mantids, etc.

We have to ask ourselves, in this massive thing we call our history, how much of the UFO phenomena has to be in there? It could have caused the Kennedy assassination according to some theories; people suggest that Kennedy wanted to reveal the ET presence to the world. This must represent a large portion of energy, resources, money – significant infrastructure. There are countless accounts of human/ alien interaction. This is an enormous part of our history. It is upside down, not being discussed. We’ve living in a fairy tale world, a forced fiction.

I do feel shy about saying that I live in a higher reality than the ordinary person. My centre of gravity, where I feel most at home, has been in the higher realms. I have been this way off and on since I was a kid. As an adult I dwelled upon Buddhist cosmology as my higher realm worldview and I still do. But now, I combine that with the ET reality, I'm more confident in saying, "This is about evidence. EVIDENCE."

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