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The Secret NSA building hidden in plain sight, Duck Duck Go Censoring
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Published 5 months ago |
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Once the most trusted search engine for private and neutral search results, Duck Duck Go, just announced that they will now be censoring and filtering content. It may have lost them their core userbase. We'll dive into some alternative search engines, and share Brave CEO Brendan Eich's responses about how Brave Search works.

Also, it turns out that one of NYC's most iconic skyscrapers, shrouded in mystery for years with no publicly available information about it, is actually a giant NSA surveillance center. Codenamed TITANPOINTE, the center is hidden in plain sight right in the middle of Manhattan, but is actually one of the most important NSA surveillance sites on U.S. soil.

Ryan Gallagher and Henrik Moltke wrote a couple of great pieces for the Intercept a while ago diving into these, which recently resurfaced again on Hacker News, that we'll explore on the show.

Read the full investigation here:

0:00 Show Preroll
0:53 Naomi's Show Intro
1:29 Welcome
2:30 Duck Duck Go's announcement
4:46 The "Brave" Alternative
6:26 Brendan Eich replies to Naomi on Twitter
11:55 Intro to Main Story: The NSA's Spy Hub In The Middle of NYC
13:42 Background of the building's construction
14:31 "The Intercept" reports
17:01 AT&T
24:45 Domestic surveillance revelations
26:28 The Blarney Project
30:00 What the whistleblowers revealed
33:02 AT&T and NSA respond
37:06 NSA spying on Americans
39:50 Opt out of surveillance services
43:19 Show Out and Thanks

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