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#258: The Case for Patriarchy—Timothy Gordon
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Published 7 months ago |
Patriarchy has fallen on bad times. Feminism, weak men, apathy, and an activist media have been attacking the whole idea of patriarchy for two generations.

“Chauvinist!” “Misogynist!” “Brute!” are some of the charges thrown at men since the 60s. But what if patriarchy is the manifest embodiment of God’s order in the world? What if men and women both benefited from the blessings of patriarchy? Lawyer, podcaster, and writer Tim Gordon has produced a red-pill dispensary in the form of a new book, The Case For Patriarchy. We need to talk.

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In this Episode You Will Learn
👉The historical roots of first, second, and third-wave feminism
👉The best definition of feminism
👉Why his book is not merely a response to feminism
👉Examples of how women (and men) reap the blessings of patriarchal-based families
👉How sexual egalitarianism ruins everything
👉The massive amount of magisterial documents that support patriarchy
👉Why the death of patriarchy has led to the rise of divorce, porn, abortion, and economic disaster
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