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Published 3 years ago
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Topics by timecode:

— 00:04:35 Press does a full court press on selling the vaccine “Gift of Jab”

— 00:10:16 FDA authorizes genetic mods on pigs for food AND medicine. A look at the NIH’s “Little Shop of Horrors” and why genetic modification is DIFFERENT than selective breeding

— 00:20:02 Modifying embryos and fetuses is the most dangerous part of genetic modification. Should you be concerned about RNA vaccines? Do you remember thalidomide babies?

— 00:36:01 Remember “Smokey Bear”? “A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste”? Now comes the Ad-Council’s biggest campaign ever — a “Moon Shot” — to sell COVID vaccine

— 00:43:20 BIG money from vaccines with patents for NIH personnel. It’s not just regulatory capture or revolving door

— 00:56:21 IThis year is WAY beyond FOX’s “War on Christmas”. Will Christians be shamed or silenced? The story of one who wasn’t

— 01:18:27 Empty hospitals but deliberate destruction of businesses and middle class

— 01:23:44 Yuge wave of evictions coming Jan 1 for millions of Americans

— 01:28:21 ATF goes door to door confiscating guns after getting a customer list. Take the guns, do the due process later — maybe

— 01:39:55 Massive hack of government agencies & corporations. There are ties to Dominion and electronic voting

— 02:01:12 GOP had alternate slates of electors in several key states yesterday as the Electoral College voted. Here’s what that means

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