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Blockchain Social Platforms You Should Really Avoid
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Published 3 years ago |
There are so many blockchain social platforms out there that are awesome and so many more that are scams, shams, and full of spam. Let’s dive into what you should avoid.

Recently I’d posted on Twitter in response to Whaleshares claiming to be a great blockchain platform saying it was a scam and they wanted proof. While I’m at it I figured I’d cover some other less than honest platforms and or ones you’re better off avoiding entirely. I will also briefly mention some of the platforms that closed down last year.

Also, a quick shoutout to YouTube creators who are struggling with the new changes around commercial viability – check out LBRY, Steem, DTube, Bitchute, Gab, Flote, Cent, Cos.TV, UGetTube, OpenTube, TokenTuber, Minds, Uptrennd, and Sapien.

On top of covering Whaleshares which is the main focus, I will quickly go over Weku’s failure, Bearshares outright resetting everyone’s holdings, and why DLive is a scam and you should avoid it. Here’s one of my main explanations about DLive: This is everything I could find. Mind you, this happened over a year ago. Also note that Narrative was essentially a scam and is done: and recently Hyperspace also closed down.

The rest can be found in blog form:

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