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Emerald city under Pentagon has rainforests, nephilim giants & children farms for elite witch ritual
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Published 2 months ago |
*** Intelligence news update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and Republic Rebel Alliance battlefront (April 2022). There are many Illuminati NWO globalist elite reptilian hybrid Satanists’ large cities with skyscrapers that are over 80 floors underneath the Pentagon U.S. military headquarters. One of them is called the Emerald City of Oz. The cities are very advanced high technology as seen in the “Star Wars” movies and “Lyra and the Golden Compass” movies, just like the pedophile cannibal Satanist Illuminati NWO reptilian hybrid child-trafficking kidnap “Tomorrowland cities” underneath Disneyland. The elites have gorgeous mansions and supermarkets and entertainment facilities and golf courses and lake resorts and business buildings in these underground cities just like above ground. The elites go on vacations there. They not only have technologies to build huge cities easily, but they can bore tunnels through the world in a few days, in order to build magnetic levitation trains that can go to any city in the world or military base or Catholic cathedral or government building or congress parliament building in a few minutes. All this technology is kept away from the human slave specie on the earth surface. Instead of giving med beds and regen tanks that heal cancer and regrow limbs, they kill thousands and thousands of scientists who discover light and sound cancer healing methods, and spread the cancer biochemical weapon “fake virus nanites” in the human babies’ vaccines, and give children’s vaccines that have “fake virus nanites” that remove the human bodies’ natural antibodies that prevent cancers. The reptilian hybrid elites see humans who have human soul (DNA) and different cell structures as bugs and ants that are made in the image of the Almighty Holy Righteous Loving Creator God YHWH Jesus that need to be depopulated and exterminated. The Illuminati NWO LGBTPB (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transvestite Pedophile Bestiality) homosexual cannibal nephilim giant children of the fallen angel “fake aliens” ascended master devils live in the mountainous areas between the emerald city and the rainforests that are underneath the Pentagon. The hallow earth has artificial suns and forests and cities like they do soft disclosure in Jules Verne’s “Journey to the Center of the Earth” movie. A lot of the human children breeding farms for adrenochrome blood and organ harvesting and Satanist child sacrifices and laboratory experiments and hunting naked human children for reptilian hunting games for lesbian rape and “gay mafia elite” sodomy and cannibalism are done in these huge cities which are bigger than cities on the earth surface. In the breeder programs, the millions of children in cages are fed the human meat of other children who are sacrificed for witchcraft or eaten, as well as aborted fetuses. The body parts of the organ harvested children or satanic sacrificed children or livestock food eaten children or “Planned Parenthood” aborted fetus children and placenta pieces are thrown into the troughs to feed the children in cages in their tunnel systems. Different organs are harvested from children for various different witchcraft spells by the Genesis 3:15 “seed of the serpent” Illuminati NWO earth’s hidden matriarchal rulers reptilian hybrid New Age Wicca witch pedophile cannibal Satanist feminists. The mole children who are bred many generation in these feminists’ underground dungeon cages and have never seen the sun have white skin and black eyes and thin white hair and translucent skin with veins popping out.

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