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To the Christian World July 1, 2020 By Anna Von Reitz
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To the Christian World July 1, 2020 By Anna Von Reitz

At the very end of the Bible, in the second to the last chapter, Revelation 21:8 is a summation of those that the Living God condemns to the Second Death.

"But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death."

What is the very first group mentioned? The fearful. The cowardly.

Why is being cowardly such a sin?

We tend to pity and protect cowards, but God does not ---- and there is a good reason for this.

A coward cannot reliably sustain virtue of any kind. They cave under pressure and can be coerced and driven like dumb animals. Their good sense can be commandeered by fear. They can be imposed upon to commit the most heinous sins.

The Romans and Greeks recognized courage as the First Virtue, ranking it above all other virtues, and considered lack of courage a Fatal Flaw, especially in a man, but also in women.

Everyone was expected to have courage, and any failure in that regard was cause for universal condemnation and personal shame.

So let us take note that lack of courage is listed as the first gateway to Hell, and yet a great many Christians are suffering from this malady right now, being cowed and shamed and driven pillar to post by wave after wave of fear-mongering, paralyzed by fear and anxiety--- and over what?

Big, Fat, Inexcusable Lies.

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and all liarsand idolatersand sorcerersand whoremongersand murderersand the abominableand unbelievingthe fearful

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