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Vitamin D reduces mortality risk by -89%
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Published 4 years ago
Chris Martense, October 27, 2020

Vitamin D has now been shown in study after study to cut Covid mortality in the elderly by a massive amount - up to an 89% reduction in deaths.

This data has been steadily accumulating for months. Vitamin D has been known to be a powerful immunomodulator for decades. It's also known to be extremely safe...almost ridiculously safe.

Yet the UK, US and France (among other nations) neither advocate for Vitamin D supplementation in their general populations as a guard against Covid-19, nor do their current treatment protocols include it.

I have to ask: WTF? Seriously, what's going on here? Whatever it is, it's not based on science, nor is it concerned with patient health or survival.

So if you are a doctor there's absolutely no reason not to be administering a large Vitamin D bolus to every patient upon check-in at the hospital. To every person out there, as a preventative for both Covid and other viral illnesses, you really should be taking Vitamin D.


Vitamin D is essential!

NHS – UK guidelines

NICE – UK no vitamin D

Nice Budget & Staffing

France – Covid treatments – no Vitamin D

Pasteur institute

Vitamin D study in Spain 80% hosp had low levels
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