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Write this e-mail to your energy provider to make Putin's cyber attack impossible or 'You vill own nothing'
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Published 7 months ago

To: energy company e-mail addressesSubject: Making Putin's cyber attack impossible IMPORTANT!

Dear (name of energy company) Employee,

In my letter to the FBI about this subject I have explained that Putin's cyber attack announced by Joe Biden¹ is easy to prevent by making the computers of our banks, power supply and internet cyber warfare attack resilient by disabling Intel Management Engine in these computers.

The Stuxnet-like killswitch cyber attack virus can only destroy computers and erase the hardware data if the hardware backdoor, a version of Linux called Minix 3 Intel Management Engine, has not been disabled which can be done by technicians. The computers can also be replaced with computers that come with Intel ME pre disabled (System 76, Purism and Dell can disable IME for governments).

The computers of our power supply are even easier to protect by disconnecting them from the internet by removing the ethernet cable from them.

This is called "droop speed control only mode" ².

It would be unlawful to let this cyber attack happen and it would kill millions and cause an unprecedented crisis and chaos because the electrical pumps of our tap water supply, refrigerators and thermostats will not work when the computers that regulate our power supply have been damaged beyond repair by Putin's cyber attack.

Cybersecurity was a major topic of discussion at the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting 2023 in Davos, Switzerland. Experts warned that cyberattacks are increasing in sophistication and frequency. "This is a global threat, and it calls for a global response," said Jürgen Stock, INTERPOL Secretary-General. Jan 18, 2023

Please ascertain that the computers of our critical infrastructure are made cyber attack resilient, contact whoever you should contact and please inform me about your progress.


(Your name)

1. Biden warns of Russian cyberattack against US "it's coming" WITHDRAW YOUR SAVINGS NOW! Youtube channel by the name of "Play" • Streamed live on 23 Mar 2022

2. "One countermeasure would be to disconnect the power grid from the Internet and run the net with droop speed control only."

Let's make Putin's cyber attack impossible! Here's how SPREAD THIS VIDEO! IMPORTANT! 7 BILLION LIVES ARE AT STAKE!'s-make-Putin's-cyber-attack-impossible!-Here's-how-SPREAD-THIS-VIDEO!-IMPORTANT!-7-BILLION-LIVES-ARE-AT-STAKE!:b

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