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Germ/Virus Theory Lie Exposed - What To Do Next - Dr Amandha Dawn Vollmer [BANNED on YOUTUBE] 72777
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Published 3 months ago |
You need to hear her all the way through, she hits nearly every aspect of this fake-demic/Fake Virus deception and she is very to the point and easy to understand. The audio for the interviewer is low but Dr Vollmer sounds fine.
Dr Vollmer:
- "There is no virus."

- "It's been proven that no contagious viruses have ever been isolated and proven to be the cause of sickness or disease, NONE"

- The Germ/Virus Theory lie was an intentionally contrived deception with a BUSINESS model that was designed around it. They created a fairy-tale to trick us into believing we need THEM to provide a cure/medicine/treatment (aka Snake-Oil) which by design gives us a different sickness that we then need them to provide ANOTHER cure/medicine/treatment... that's one hellova psychopathic business plan.

- When asked why some doctors still validate the Germ/Virus Theory: "...then it's one of two things; they either have an alternate agenda like the fear of losing money or career, or they are on the side of the indoctrinators and are directed or paid to continue the fraud, OR they are simply mental midgets who don't have the intellectual capacity to properly read the research that clearly shows that the Germ/virus theory is a fraud and nobody gets sick from contagious viruses because they do not exist..."

- Of course the reason you can't find any doctor willing to present their Germ/Virus Theory BELIEF system in a debate is because they know they'd lose - I've looked at all the info on this and THEY have absolutely nothing factual , provable or scientific that supports the theory, ZERO, NADA! I wouldn't even want to attempt even as devils-advocate in a practice debate to defend their side - it's one sure way to look stupid.

- "This explains why you can find many many thousands of good doctors and scientists who are willing to have live public debates where they explain the scientific reasons that the germ/virus theory is fraudulent and viruses do not exist but there is not one doctor or scientist who believe in germ/virus theory who is willing to have this debate and present the evidence for their side."

- "even rabies is a joke, it doesn't exist - Louis Pasteur admitted that he made it up to create fear and drive people to his "medicine"..."

- "stop wearing masks, they are very dangerous to your health, they protect you from nothing but cause sickness..."

- Dr Vollmer: "you get sick because of exposure to toxins, not contagious viruses in the air or on something you get toxins from food, air, water and other toxins in the environment like weed killers and the like...your body detects these toxins in the blood which and immediately triggers a detox by creating the necessary mechanisms to expel them from your body; through the lungs, or urine and feces or through the skin...but what comes out is not contagious to others, that's a lie..."

- "Doctors are one of the top three killers of humanity"

- "Please get your children out of the public indoctrination schools..."

I hope everyone reading this is sharing with ALL the people they love and care for, I mean, what kind of selfish, scardy-cat, wuss of a person would hoard this kind of truth? (besides the evil doctors and so-called scientists like Fauci that is.)

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