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Alex Collier Interview Webinar #2 – With Sarge Sovereign – Friday, May 10, 2024!
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Published 14 days ago

Exploring the Edges of Reality: Insights from Cosmic Interventions to Global Conspiracies

Dive deep into the mysteries of the universe with our latest webinar replay, 'Exploring the Edges of Reality: Insights from Cosmic Interventions to Global Conspiracies'. Recorded on Friday, May 10, 2024, this engaging 2-hour and 39-minute session features renowned Andromedan extraterrestrial contactee Alex Collier and Sarge Sovereign from Icons2020. Together, they unravel the fascinating dynamics of cosmic interventions and global conspiracies, providing insights into the often hidden mechanisms that shape our world.

In this compelling interview, you'll explore:

* Cosmic Timelines: How extraterrestrial allies are altering our future for the better.
* Starseed Missions: The role of 200 million starseeds in the cosmic awakening.
* Quantum Financial Systems: Revolutionary changes in our global economy.
* Surveillance Technologies: How advanced systems can track us by our DNA.
* Universal Laws and Human Sovereignty: The suppression and revival of fundamental freedoms.
* And Much More!

This webinar is the second in a new series of live interviews where Alex Collier sits down each month with renowned authors, speakers, and insiders from the fields of exopolitics, planetary history, deep geopolitics, and esoteric knowledge. They delve into a plethora of interesting topics and provide the latest news on what is happening here on Earth, in our solar system, and beyond.

For just $6.99, gain indefinite access to this insightful webinar and watch it as many times as you like. Your purchase not only supports Alex Collier in continuing to share his knowledge and wisdom but also contributes to bringing more enlightening discussions to light.

* Alex Collier’s Website:
* Sarge Sovereign’s Channel:

Unlock the secrets of the cosmos and our planet today by securing your copy of this not-to-be-missed webinar replay.

** The song played at the end of the webinar is called 'Cosmic Pilgrimage' and you can listen to it on YouTube here:

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