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Normally we have guests on our weekly Sunday show, Fellowship & Freedom, but this week we decided to switch things up. Our guest, is returning from his social media hiatus at a critical juncture in the flow of information; Charles Kassin or @TruthIsTerrorism joins us on this information packed transmission! Ripples have been sent throughout the Vegan community while even more so-called conscious people and truth seekers become disillusioned.

Our guest has joined us a number of times to talk about the Scientific Dictatorship, the Technocracy, Designer Babies, Agenda 2030 and so much more, but in this particular broadcast we hone in on the Earth worship that seems to be growing. Gaiaism is what I call it. It's the establishment of the One World Religion, where humanity is considered worse than a pest.

Join us as we tackle the tough truths of exposing how sometimes seemingly genuine movements can become co-opted. With Pope Francis declaring an Ecological Sin to be added to Catechism and the IMF proposing a Carbon Tax, we are quickly seeing the erection of a whole new global governance system. Strap yourselves in folks, this isn't a beginner's episode.

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