Support Your Freedom to Speak:
Peace and Love. Ottawa downtown. Freedom Convoy Feb. 4
Published 2 years ago
If you are anywhere near Ottawa you have got to gitty on down here tomorrow, Saturday. You will have the time of your life! It is awesome down here. And safe. Really, it is just a beautiful community building by the day. World wide join the convoys for freedom. Get on the right side of history. Let the Holy Spirit guide you. Stand up for your elders, children, friends and family. Defend the freedoms generations before us DIED for. and enjoy smiles, hugs and Jesus Christ in action. Thank you God for giving me eyes to see the truth and an old video camera to share it with y'all. Peace, and Love to the world. Truckers and people sleeping in their cars are YOUR DEFENDERS. come on down and support them. any day, any time, until the mandates end , they will be there standing up for you, come on down and join them.
freedomgodlovejesuspeaceunityottawachange is comingthe truckers will make sure of it

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