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Join Heather, Mayla and Amelia as they discuss the power in how we perceive our reality. Do you believe that everything happens TO you or FOR you? Rising out of victimhood consciousness and becoming a sovereign being who takes full responsibility for EVERYTHING in their reality is part of the game we are playing here on Earth. Never have we seen this in such contrast before with the Covid19 agenda playing itself out. Yet each has their own experience of everything that happens out in 'the world' because of their soul's chosen journey, what they have come here to learn and their level of vibration.
Heather, Mayla and Amelia share tools for rising out of the ashes of victim consciousness and explore natural law and our God given rights. Something the powers that be have kept hidden for thousands of years.
When we remember who we are, we no longer live in fear and are able to move forward in creating the most beautiful reality for ourselves. Learn how to make the most of this intense time on Earth. This is what we have all been waiting for!

Heather Noël

Mayla Lambert Amaron
Instagram: @maylalambertamaron

Resources Mentioned:
Josh X & Charlie Freak Explain the Whole Truth to the False System of Maritime Admiralty Law:;t=3878s

Word Magic: The Powers and Occult Definitions of Words by Pao Chang

Sacha Stone in conversation with Bibi Bacchus:;t=17s

Anastasia and the Ringing Cedars of Russia Book Series by Vladimir Megre:

Santa Surfing Beach Broadcast: GESARA / NESARA - Greatness is Unveiling

The Game: Nothing is as it seems by Heather Noel
The Triad Wave:

Opening Video
Artist: Real-Time Films (YouTube)
Video Clip: Forest animation HD Cryengine real-time Bokeh dof

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