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A15. Autism, Mothers and Chlorine Dioxide: A Trifecta of Healing (English subtitled testimonials)
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Published 3 years ago
Let me start by saying that these videos were censored and banned from my alternate youtube account within 2 hours of uploading. I also received TWO warnings in one swipe from youtube. There is not supposed to be a cure for autism and, if there were, we are not supposed to share stories on public platforms. That being said, I will let these mothers accounts help to let the world know what is really going on with chlorine dioxide and autism. I don't consider myself a full on activitst about this but I KNOW that there are parents of autistic children who pray regularly for help, answers and solutions for their kids. There is help, there are answers and there are solutions. (btw, I didn't know what trifecta meant until about a year ago. Cool word!)

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