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BREAKING: Owen Shroyer Arrested Over Anti-Censorship Demonstration on Capitol Hill - #1765 - 6P
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The Pete Santilli Show
Published 8 months ago |
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Episode #1765 - Thursday - January 23, 2020 - 6P
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BREAKING: Owen Shroyer Arrested Over Anti-Censorship Demonstration on Capitol Hill - #1765 - 6P

Shroyer was protesting in the same way that “impeach Trump” protesters have just days before, but they weren’t arrested and he was. As he was arrested, Shroyer said “I want everybody to see the censorship in this country. Impeach Trump protesters come here every day and have never been arrested, but I’m arrested today because I have this sign. That’s the attack on free speech in this country. That’s the two-tiered justice system that we’re dealing with. If you’re an Impeach Trump liberal Democrat protester, you get to come here every day with no consequence, but I have security all over me because I’m standing here silently. If that doesn’t show you the attack on free speech, if that doesn’t show you the two-tiered justice system, I don’t know what will.” The arrest was filmed by Infowars producer Savanah Hernandez, who also demanded answers about the hypocrisy she was witnessing.

E-Militia Article: BREAKING: Owen Shroyer From Infowars Arrested Over Silent Anti-Censorship Demonstration on Capitol Hill – E-Militia News 

GUEST:  Peter Boykin is a political commentator, podcaster, author, and former political candidate who lives in Greensboro, North Carolina.  Mr. Boykin is a public supporter of Donald Trump and In 2016, he founded the Gays for Trump organization which gained national attention after organizing support from gay Americans for the candidacy of now President Donald Trump. Peter Boykin and his organization are proving once again to be an important voice in the Trump 2020 run for the Presidency as he continues to challenge the notion that Gay men and women cannot support and  vote for a conservative candidate.

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