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War in Afghanistan: How Three Big Lies Led to Thousands of Death's and Now Biden Will Have Afghani's Blood On His Hands
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Global Agenda
Published 2 months ago |
After twenty years and no organized exit strategy the Joe Biden White House did the unthinkable and literally walked away from Afghanistan and their people leaving the Afghan's to fend against the rabid Taliban for themselves? Canada spent over fourteen years fighting the Taliban and defending Afghanistan's from being over run by the Taliban. 165 Canadians died on Afghanistan soil fighting alongside American, British and a coalition of countries soldiers. Both Obama and Trump wanted out of Afghanistan, but knew how hard it would be to depart. This is an excerpt of my upcoming video looking at Afghanistan from '9/11' to present day and the Biden's crazed rationale to perform a military 'cut and run' on Afghanistan. This video shows a chronology of time frames that have led to this poorest decision from the Biden administration to leave Afghanistan and it appears that we are all back to square one in the fragile Middle East.

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