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Stefan Molyneux
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Published 3 months ago

UpB question: I may be mistaken on the tenets, but if the basis of UPB seems to be offenses against someone's wishes/boundaries (rape being not UPB because it is not possible for it to be consensual, thus always guaranteed to be against someone's wishes/guaranteed to be breaking their boundaries...), then why can something only be immoral if it's part of a category that has to be against someone's wishes?

What if someone does something intentionally sadistic, such as knowing someone's trigger and pushing against it, but that thing is not physical but, let's say, sonic (making a certain noise known to be distressing)? Or lies about someone, to be more general? Just because something can be, in your assessments, not a case of immorality in the Category, why does that mean that the whole category is now off the table to not be UPB?

Emotions have opposites: happy/sad, mad/calm, laughter/serious...

What is the opposite of temptation?

What are some great ways to teach children about evil and how to recognise it? How do you make it age appropriate?

What are your thoughts on the difference between an assertive tone vs a raised voice/yelling. The way my wife speaks to the children sounds sometimes like yelling, but to her it sounds confident and assertive. For example, my son was fooling around going down the stairs while I had my other son in my hands and she saw and spoke harshly to him saying "stop, turn around, go downstairs safely", and he cried. I think he just got scared and was in an already stressful situation going down stairs, but I also thought it sounded very close to yelling.

I have wondered how much my early childhood trauma of being yelled at a lot plays into my current interpretation of her voice, but even then the difference seems to me somewhat subtle. How can I objectively identify these two cases?

How do we stop ourselves becoming corrupt in this now corrupt world? This world and society reminds me of Batman: the dark knight rises.

As a person in my early 20s there was a time before the Internet and tech. Since your daughter is 14, did she have a pre internet and tech life? And how do you think parents should navigate this?

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