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Feb20,2022 - Ottawa Freedom Convoy "anti-mandatory-vax" protest , 2 mounted police waves, multiple injuries
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Published 8 months ago | channel "Bacon Ranch"

i hate to say it, but its pretty clear by now, the powers that be will not back down, this is truly the end-times. In revelation13, i think when it says the 1st-beast with 7 heads, 1 of the heads had fatal-wound but was healed, and 1 of the heads had 4 horns ok after reading daniel so you know what the first beasts were in world history ok about this 1st-beast this is what i think it is :
(3) i don't know
(4) Germany, this is the head with the fatal wound healed, because the fatal-wound was Hitler and his 3rd-reich or 4th-reich or whatever, we all thought it could never happen again, we got the Nuremburg Code now, but as you can see its basically martial law everywhere and the end of the constitution
(5) Austria
(6) France
(7) England , this is the beast with the 4 horns, the 4 horns are England itself, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.
The 2nd beast in revelation 13 i think is the U.S.A.
About the part where it says "fire from heaven", i believe that is Hiroshima/Nagasaki when the U.S.A. dropped the first 2 atomic bombs in history in ww2.
About where it says it made an "image" to the beast, that is all media : social-media, mainstream-media, legacy-media-news, all pushing worship of satan and self and "do what thou wilt" satan stuff, the news propaganda, Goebbels, censorship, bread and circuses for distraction ..... this is truly the antichrist-New World Order.
gmojesus christjesussatanmark of the beastend timesdnarevelationnoahnephilim666days of noahgenetically modified organism

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