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Ethics of Sperm Donations - Locals Questions Answered
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Stefan Molyneux
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Published 22 days ago

Questions from Locals Subscribers 27 October 2023

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what are your thoughts on sleepovers? I used to do sleepovers growing up and we always snuck out, stayed up super late, ate crappy food, watched horror movies, etc. there are a lot of stories coming out about kids getting raped and molested while sleeping over at a “friends” house. Do you let Izzy go to sleepovers?

when I was younger I was exposed to very violent tv and movies by my dad. My mom didn’t like it but didn’t do anything other than passive aggressively insult my dad. Thinking back, I remember times when I would torturously kill insects and little frogs. I also had no trouble hitting our dog to “discipline” it. I am repulsed by this now and have developed empathy to the point where I would never dream of hurting animals like this. What is your analysis of this?

in the news recently Baltimore city schools had almost 0% of students pass the 7th grade standardized tests and in Oregon they are getting rid of standards for reading, writing and math because people of color can't pass them. Is this proving the Bell Curve by Douglas Murray? Can UPB be used to make education more realistic? Should students be taught to their level of capabilities? How do you imagine education in a free society?

is the United States of America an example of a philosophical derived nation? How have cultures been influenced/united by philosophy? What are some modern examples of philosophical unification?

I have one that I've thought about recently. How would you navigate a world in which it becomes increasingly more difficult to believe what you see and hear with the use of AI generated content? As it is now AI videos and AI voice recreation is about as bad as it will ever be it will only continue to get better. Seems like sources of news whether that's social media or mainstream media will be less and less reliable.

Hey Stef.

I have a friend much older than me who I’ve known for over 5 years now. He’s shown almost no character growth over the course of knowing him, and instead has shown a steady regression towards a deeper immaturity and arrested development. One example is his continual complaints about his abusive and narcissistic mother, who he now cares for and looks after begrudgingly, as well as his marriage which quickly fell apart after he says his wife physically abused him.

How does one leave old friendships that were forged in a time of immaturity and a lack of self knowledge? He is now looking to get back in touch and rekindle our friendship, but appears to hold no standards for his own self development. Is it worth trying to reason with someone who seems to be retreating into an ever-deepening pit of Peter Pan syndrome?

Is it immoral to donate sperm? I'm near a place that pays people with sufficient credentials to donate sperm. I meet the credentials and the money's pretty nice for the ease of the labor (heh). But I'm not sure if it's ethical. On the one hand, it's helping people who want families have them, bringing a life into the world who otherwise wouldn't exist, and it also of course benefits me by propagating my genes and making some easy money. The downside of course is I have no idea if the parents are going to be lunatics. It seems like a crapshoot; people who get sperm donations aren't having babies by accident, but our culture also still believes in spanking. How responsible am I if my offspring gets bad luck with parents?

hi Stef!!! When would you say your running out of time to find a wife and make a career I'm 23 have a good paying job or career if i want it to be about 50,000 per year but constantly feel like I'm running out of time to do things I constantly feel like life is slipping away and like I'm going to die soon or something, I have a lot of responsibilities that I take care of and I imagine that's part of it, any words if wisdom would be appreciated.


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