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Globalists talk on surveillance society and potential threat of AI robotic war between US and China
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Published 3 months ago |
It is clear that via NLP the term New World Order has been massaged down into the soft rhetoric of 'Global Liberal Social Democratic Project'.
Tony Bliar prefers to use 'One Global Community'.

Anyhow, here are a couple of snippets from a conversation between the slightly less cretinous Milliband and Kevin Rudd hosted by Chatham House as part of their 'Future of Libtard Democracies' series.

Full conversation can be found here;

Soon our human rights will be reshaped forever under the Propagandademic Treaty and TERRA CARTA. The rubber stamping of your rights giving away to the 'collective' will happen at COP26, however, you'll all be too upset about having to pay Climate Tax 'CLIMAX' to notice your rights have gone down the drain! Also ask yourself; Why haven't the MSM and Alt Media covered Terra Carta? Well clearly, they don't want you to know until it is too late to do anything about it. NWO is an officially active reality since 21.01.21.
The propagandademic Covert19 is a behaviour reshaping project to get you to accept the new future.

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