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She's Back: The WHO Recruit Greta Thunberg to Help Promote Vaccines and the Upcoming 'Mad Cow Disease' Pandemic
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Global Agenda
Published 8 months ago |
She's back! This week (right before Joe Biden's World Climate Change Summit that he is hosting on April 22nd and 23rd) the World Health Organization recruited Climate Change Activist and all around teen pain in the ass Greta Thunberg to help promote the COVID 19 vaccinations and vaccine global equity and she also blamed 75% of viruses being started in animal to animal transition. So they are using Greta to continue the narrative that COVID 19 came out of a Batcave in China and was transmitted to a snake in the Wuhan Wet Market which is total hog wash. It was ironic because as I was working on my next video where I am connecting the dots between man made Prions inserted into the MRNA and RNA vaccines and how they will re-appear as Mad Cow Disease in unsuspecting 'victims' who took the jab down the road. The Globalists will now be shifting over to Climate Change as the headline news for CNN and CNBC and it all starts with Joe Biden's Climate Change Summit this week. The main video will be out on Thursday April 22nd.

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