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Isaiah 33's Happy Ending!
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Biblical Solution
Published 3 months ago |

We feel that it might be a good time to take a break from the serious controversial issues and let the dust settle a bit, so here's an inspiring musically embellished way to see the hopeful happy times foretold in Isaiah chapter 33, to help comfort us and tide us over for a while.

Let us know when any of you want to get back into the serious meat and potatoes again, as we have much more to share, but feel that there aren't enough people with us who are ready for those things just yet.  Too many hecklers by proportion that haven't awakened yet it seems.  And we certainly don't want to stir up the hornets nest any more than we have to if folks aren't ready just yet.

So yes, if some of you will let us know what you guys are ready for, we'll go from there perhaps, but I have a lot of catching up to do in my local street ministry and dvd distribution aspects anyway, where these growing "up close" relationships are increasing much better than our video channel numbers lately, so I'm going to focus more on those folks for the moment till the bulk of our internet folks get comfortable with what we've shared thus far.

Let me know what you folks think at your end:

[email protected]


In YHWH's law of love that was cast in stone for our own protection,


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