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Central Banks control ALL governments, political parties, corporations, ‘The War Machine’, & media
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Published 3 months ago

The (privately-owned) Central Banks is the power that controls EVERYTHING. They control ALL political parties, ALL governments, ALL major corporations, and the media, says David Rogers Webb, author of the book "The Great Taking". We are NOT allowed to know exactly who owns the Federal Reserve or how it works. The Federal Reserve is controlled by a set of banks. Any country that has attempted to have a National Bank is literally attacked and destroyed. They are NOT allowed to exist. Central Banks are linked with the 
WAR machine. Without this private control of money, the Intelligence agencies (CIA) and militaries globally — 
“the war machine” — would NOT be able to function as they are if 
they were not linked with this money creation. … [after the financial bubble] then you get a major collapse of the whole system. They must have a plan to stay in control through that collapse, which will require PHYSICAL control over people through [“The Great Reset”] because the money control system has broken down. This has happened in multiple countries around the world in the past — Turkey, China, Russian empire, Germany, the British empire. The people who control the banking system managed to stay in control during this time 
by subjugating populations.

The full documentary is posted here:

His book, THE GREAT TAKING, can be downloaded here:

Source - Larry Hobbs, Fat News

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