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Beast Of The Mark Revealed To Be Artificial Intelligence
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Beyond Might and Power
Published a month ago |
Dr. Jane Ruby on the Stew Peters' show presented microscopic images of beasts which are being injected into people.
0:12 Several images of little beasts.
0:57 Four views of the image being examined.
1:25 A description of the word Vaccine using extracts from the main image, in the context of evidence that
vaccinations are an ancient practice, including 5G, C in E, Needles, Injectors, and more.
4:07 Cotton Swab Encouragements
5:16 Influence Of Needles
6:37 Handling Females
7:10 Men And Boys Takedown
8:06 Decimating Shots Accompanied By Local Coyotes

Images of beastly influences from the author of the beast, his lowness, set to manage their victims as soon as they are injected with so named vaccine, through AI technology.
I'm covering only some of the AI image.
I cleared the micro pictures best I could.
A magnifying glass helps some
Beasts are not only those who look like beast,
it also includes all those who act like beast.
The "mingling in the forest" that Jeremiah the prophet
commented on, make for a beastly community, to say the least.

The intent of the beasts is to take shots at any available useful targets present in the victim, turning derived wickedness into harmful frequencies. The presence of these AI's in a vial already full of poison is the result of humans giving place to a corresponding degree of evil
Also, agreeing with the AI influence found in the Vial, are other manifestations towards those on Earth. who they are able to influence.
Those manifestations can be seen on the Sun, Moon, Stars, atmosphere, clouds, botanical and human props on the Earth, and in ancient cylinder seals from around six thousand years ago.
Picture proof is in the video Disclosure.

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