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SN1012: Authoritarian Anointments, Rolling Out 5G & The Global Citizen | Factions Of Freedom
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Factions Of Freedom
Published a year ago |
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We are witnessing the early and soft beginning stages of the globalists depopulation agenda. What we’re seeing right now is a battle of how committed we are to our way of life, and in this war of attrition, each step counts. Every battle for your individual freedoms will dictate the trajectory of where we all collectively end up.

Our adversaries have an organized and methodical approach towards achieving their agendas, and while our resistance may not ultimately stop their plans, it can severely throttle them. It is in the throttling of their success that we will find our own. Society is being tested, more now than any other previous time, because unlike previous generations, we’re all interconnected in a way that’s never been achieved before.

Judgement will pass over our generations and our nations, and regardless of whether we believe it, the sentence will be cast. The coronavirus, regardless of the crisis itself, is revealing more about ourselves, the world and our time; truly this crown has anointed us all… Lastly, with all this craziness going on, at the end of this week, all I can say is thank you for keeping me employed and on the grind, trying to hunt this down.

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