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Proof the Government Poisons You with Fluoride in 9 Minutes
The United States Government and several other major governments of the world have been actively poisoning their populations by fluoridating community water supplies in order to make the population more compliant.

This video aims to prove said cover-up with some of the most credible evidence to date. The video includes testimonies from dentists, doctors, peer-reviewed studies, Nobel Peace Prize winners, and politicians worldwide.

I have put together an in-depth look at the toxic chemical added to our water, how it was orchestrated, the legal aspects, violations and some of the consequences of putting this poison in our water. My take is different than most as I focus on exposing the fraud that it is, as opposed to debating the fake science that people regurgitate. Water fluoridation is a criminal act (assault and battery) against us all and is one of the many frauds that are being orchestrated against us by our governments.

Fluoride Free Sudbury

What the true science says:
Comparative Toxicogenomics Database
These diseases are associated with Fluorides or its descendants.

Dr. Robert Carton, Ph.D, former Environmental Protection Agency Scientist (20 years)
“Fluoridation is the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century, if not of all time.”
“The level of fluoride the government allows the public is based on scientifically fraudulent information and altered reports. People can be harmed simply by drinking water.”

Fluoride is neither safe or effective.

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