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Global Bystander Apathy: Problems and Solutions
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Published 6 months ago

Max and Jaymee discuss the global bystander apathy we find ourselves trapped in currently. The duo explore questions such as why do we consent to a system that abuses, enslaves, impoverishes and controls us? Why do we wait for someone else to address our global problems? Why is society the way it is and why are people so apathetic? How have we come to accept authority in every aspect of our lives, including our bodily autonomy and the sexualization of our children? Jaymee and Max discuss the myriad of immoral laws and violations of our free will and how looking the other way and supporting those who harm us is not going to save us or absolve us from harm. They share solutions we can all implement today in an effort to protect our children and our freedom and create a healthier reality for all of us.

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