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Cosmic Update VLOG | March 15th, 2022
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Published 2 years ago
This is an excerpt of our Patreon March 15, 2022 live hang-out presentation. In this presentation, all the cosmic pieces, related to my experiences received since 2017, is put into perspective.

What Samantha and the Autists have been up to the last 4-5 years
16, 17, & 18 “dimensions” and how our access to the dark matter realms has changed
The Galactic Sun Laws of December 2018 redesigned the 12 dimensions that essentially makes up our body and our reality. We are now operating from these 12 dimensions connected to the omniverse in a very different way.
The last 3-4 years has been a series of resets. Such as the Reset of God’s Infinite Language of Numbers, Fractal Geometries, the underlying Infinite Calculus, time vector codes, etc…

All is reset to the point of origin before any fallen consciousness or distortions existed.
The new human mission is to evolve and ascend to correct all distortions. We are being magnetically drawn back to the Origin including all fallen and “low consciousness” galactic beings.

Free Galactic Sun meditations:

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