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FINAL MELT UP BEGINS? Markets 2 / Fed 0
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Published 2 months ago |

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May 2013 then Fed Chair Ben Bernanke mentioned the idea of slowing the free money spigot and the global markets had a taper tantrum. Fed response? Balloon their balance sheet to over $4.5 trillion.
Markets 1 / Fed 0
Welcome the taper tantrum 2018 with the worst stock market performance since 2008. So what did we learn?
The Federal Reserve has tried to taper again and again backed down. Fed Chair Powell stated that the Fed “will not hesitate to make changes in light of economic and financial developments” and since they cannot raise rates to their target 3.5% (even though average drop in rates into a recession is 5.5%) if they “want to cut rates more than lower zero bound, would use full set of tools” stating that the Fed had “room to do substantially more”, meaning the QE free money drug would be available.
Markets 2 / Fed 0
What can protect you as the free money drug no longer keeps the markets high, since more of the same is all that’s left? Real money gold and silver. In fact, spot gold just exhibited a “Life” cross, technically confirming the upward trend. Meaning, both gold and silver are most likely to get a lot more expensive in the near future.

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