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Useful idiots, working in conjunction with, black lives matter, for political purposes. This is all election year, BS, being staged and trying to kill two birds with one stone, those being, the second amendment, or should I say our right to self defense and of course keep this current administration in office. Yes, the same administration which is orchestrating criminal invasions, or should I say criminal border invasions, illegal squatters taking homes from US citizens, rising food prices, rising fuel prices, added stresses for the average American! Wake up people can't you see what's happening. When they allow illegal criminals who have entered this country illegally to possess and carry firearms, as well as, to invade homes under "squatters rights" to basically decide for themselves to expropriate a house which they think, or want to classify as abandoned, such as, a house where somebody is away for the weekend, in a nice neighborhood, has a lot of curb appeal, a lot of real estate value and a real Target for these individuals as you have seen in some of the current posts here

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