68 views • 03/15/2021
Empowering and inspiring conversation with Peggy Hall, from The Healthy American, the primary public educator today in the US on rights and freedoms in the face of COVID tyranny, on the importance of looking at the language, the law, and recognizing that none of the current edicts and guidances handed down by Governors and Mayors or Presidents is lawful; using their titular positions they have pronounced suggestions and guidelines as edicts.

The CDC has done the same in its requiring of masks on transportation, which Peggy takes apart in a recently put-out video at her channel: the CDC does not have the legal authority to do so. Everyone who wishes to breathe is exempt from the mask mandate, and the more people step out fearlessly without masks the easier it will be to push this tyranny back.

The importance of digging deep for the facts, the truth, and speaking out is discussed, as well as the understanding that we appear to be in a battle between good and evil and there is a great need to think critically for ourselves, look hard and deep at what is going on, ask what is most important to us (slavery to mask mandates or freedom to breathe and be close to loved ones?) and live our lives authentically--submission to tyranny is more and more looking like submission to evil, as the mRNA vaccines have begun killing and disabling thousands.

Stand up for your own rights, freedoms, and humanity, speak out, help us push this tyranny back.

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