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METALSAYS: "All Chores done by 6am! CHECK!! Got the Hibiscuses to Bloom! And Yeah I shaved! HAPPY NOW? ha ha ha" 6-16-2021
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Forever's Industries
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"Did you see the size of those Lilies!? hee hee HAPPY HUMP DAY! I gotchu if you need me and I need you if you got me! God Bless! Have a Nice Day and Peace to it!"~M

~"Here's my fu-status feed link. If interested this makes it easy to see my statuses and thoughts etc etc."
"Come add me and say hi!"

~"Here are my most recent picture albums of my Home. It's always a work in progress... Ya know? Welcome. Oh and these are safe for work pictures in these albums of my home."


"You can find my MetalSays Video Channel on Brighteon.
I'm not allowed on you tube, so I had to make a video channel on Brighteon
to be able to share my Band Forever's End and Our Music
and any videos of me messing around.
I just recently made some new videos, just so you know.
Funny I can't even comment on my videos, because of being banned everywhere,
for no reason given.
Thanks for watching to those who do show support!
I can only be contacted online on fubar. That's as for to talk directly to me in person. It's just the only place I am allowed right now. HOLLA!? PEACE."
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