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Mt. Shasta and Miracle Healings! New Diamond Chakra – Matthew Speaks!
Published 6 months ago

Hello Friends, On this Out of this World Radio show, I will be discussing my upcoming trips to Mt. Shasta in Northern California and the miracle healings which occur there! People have had their eyesight and hearing restored, as well as being healed from Lyme’s disease and many other ailments. For more information, please email Ted at: [email protected] or visit “Spiritual trips” at: The cost is $250 and includes free camping. People often see Sasquatch, UFOs, and meet the Telosians and the Pleadians! Second part of the program is an interview with Carolyn White, an expert in chakras where we discuss the new diamond shaped 8th chakra as we shift into the higher dimensions. The last part of the program is with Suzy Ward of Matthew Speaks with messages from her son on the other side about how the light is winning on this planet! See: I hope you can all listen to thi amazing and wonderful program! Ted, Out of this World Radio,

spiritualityufosangelssasquatchmt shastamiracle healingset civilizations

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