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The Good Fight ForEvermore Noble Lies Plato III: Noble lies or deliberate deceptions?
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Published 9 months ago |
The Noble Lie as interpreted by Greek philosopher Plato, means deception for your own good: like spooky stories your parents would tell you so you didn’t stay out after dark.

Do you trust the government to be as concerned about you like your parents?

Let’s review the Noble Lies or are they deliberate deceptions?

Supply Chain Issues:
California trucking regulations aren't to blame for cargo backlog?

border bottlenecks with truck cargo?
World view on the virus, USA 'A disgrace'. Fauci - Sky News Australia

Chinese History: Major plagues always come on suddenly and then, at a certain point, disappear without a trace. Historical records show that every plague had a clear target. The bubonic plague at the end of the Ming Dynasty was a typical example …

Interviews with Dr. Rochelle Walensky Director of the CDC.
First an abbreviated puff piece, listen to what she believes is under the authority of the CDC.

Gun Violence/Health Inequality/Mental Health is a Slippery Slope!
A slightly harder hitting interview with Director Walensky: ‘There Is A Plan’ To Get Unvaccinated Workers ‘Educational and Counseling’
In last night’s Special Tuesday show we played the Public Comment session prior to the approval of the EUA jabs for children 5 to 11. The FDA approved the usage 17 yea, w/ one abstention (conflict of interest).

Health Department-Reported Cases of Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) in the United States … The charts are inconclusive …
Where is all this jabbing leading us? New Zealand Prime Minister wants to segregate unvaccinated from vaccinated. Monday, October 25 [she] admitted vaccination certificate programs are designed to create two classes of people. “it’s about security, so those who are vaccinated can feel comfortable knowing there aren’t any unvaccinated people around them.” … “People who have been vaccinated will want to know that they’re around other vaccinated people. They’ll want to know they’re in a safe.” environment.”

CRT in schools; in Massachusetts they changed the terms of CRT why?

Sen. John Kennedy: 'This is drivel' and parents don't want it in schools
Sen. Ted Cruz and Garland Clash Over School Board Memo: 'Now You Don't Care?'

Border Crisis: thousands of migrants in Mexico prepare for new caravan.
NBC Softball Misinformation.
Former ICE Agent: Migrant caravan pushes through Mexican forces.
CGTN – relation to CCP: Alasdair Baverstock from Tijuana, Mexico:
So what will happen when this caravan reaches the U.S. Border

If you have any doubts in answering the question we posed to you at the beginning of the show, here is The Former Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf says President Joe Biden's message to immigrants to not come to the U.S.-Mexico border is not working.

Who is organizing this invasion? Do we have Noble Lies or Deliberate Deceptions
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