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A Man In Argentina Is Being Force Vaccinated By The Vaccine Death Squad.... Very Evil!!
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Published 2 months ago |
Someday all of us in America may end up facing a death squad of communist vaccinators and be violently vaccinated against our will. And what will be said when those who are vaccinated by force die hours or days or weeks later? Oh well, that's too bad but at least they got vaccinated?? But more likely it would be a year or two later when a vaccinated person dies and how can it be blamed on the vaccine then?

This Covid vaccine is probably designed to kill off people at a much later time such as many months or a year or two later which would then be used as an excuse to frighten everyone that a new virus outbreak is taking place to enforce more vaccinations to kill off those who did not die from the first or second vaccinations. It's all very evil and wicked and a well designed plan to depopulate the world which is indeed the agenda of the globalists aka cabal aka communists aka the deep state aka illuminate aka Satanist.

These evil people who participate in forcing injections of the deadly Covid vaccine are really and truly death squads. What ever happened to my body my choice??? This poor victim in Argentina tried to escape the vaccine death squad by getting up on a roof but the death squad of 5 people followed him up on the roof to attack him violently and injected him while on the roof. This is satanic and very evil so please share this video with as many people as you can so the world can see that such evil is being conducted against the people who do not want to receive the deadly Covid vaccine. This is a human rights violation and it must be stopped!!
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