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Chinese Mom Lectures School Board On Critical Race Theory
Published 3 years ago
A mother who grew up under Mao in China tells the Loudoun County school board that training children to be social justice warriors, to hate their heritage and dividing people into groups is essentially the same kind of indoctrination that led to China becoming Communist.

"I’ve been very alarmed about what’s been going on in our school. You are now training our children to be social justice warriors and to loathe our country and our history. Growing up in Mao’s China, all this seems very familiar. The Communist regime used the same critical theory to divide people. The only difference is they used classes instead of race.

During the cultural revolution I witnessed students and teachers again turn against each other. We change the school names to be politically correct. We were taught to denounce our heritage; the red guards destroyed anything that is not communist. Statues, books and anything else. We were also encouraged to report on each other just like the student equity ambassador program and the bias reporting system.

This is indeed the American version of the Chinese cultural revolution. The Critical Race Theory has its roots in cultural Marxism; it should have NO PLACE in our schools."

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