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FBI stalking, assault Noise Campaign first hour back in Houston (Wyndham Baymont Inn) Desk Clerk car Part II
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Now back in Houston where this continues. I stayed at this hotel before going to help stalking Rape victim Sarah Degeyter hundreds of miles away in Fort Worth. This harassment is the desk clerks vehicle, she states her horn went off for no reason, it came with car hooked to alarm when she purchased car, police said this happens when battery is low? She unhooked battery. At check in I had not transferred enough money for deposit, my card was declined for the $100.00 deposit and clerk without asking me for different card lowered fee to $50.00. She stated the only room on first floor available was 113 which has her car parked right outside of door, in later video we see there were many other rooms available as well. This is a daily event since 2012 as well as breakins, vandalism, vehicle tampering, drugging, assault, etc, etc. same events occurring to Jason Foust, even in different cities hundreds of miles separate. He helped document Stalking and Rape victim Sarah Degeyter’s stalking in Fort Worth where she fled after stalking and rape in Houston.

Sarah was being stalked and harassed in Harris County Texas, she had traced the IP addresses that were found on her online accounts to houses that were surrounding her, one residence linked to an ex Harris COunty Deputy. Soon after her RV was broken into, she was beaten and raped at gunpoint.
She fled to Fort Worth where this stalking immediately continued, this does not happen unless it is a highly funded and very well organized campaign of terror. I along with a friend came to Fort Worth to try to assist her and we were witnesses to this continuing harassment.
The Stalking of Sarah Degeyter Link
When contacting the FBI about the continuing criminal acts that I have been subjected to for many years, all closely tied to contact I have had with the FBI, they hung up as I mentioned the case of Sarah Degeyter, refusing to investigate interstate crimes that it is their job to investigate, as well as refusing to receive information about crimes they had contacted me about and asked me to contact them in the future if I had any relevant information.
Every crime I had encountered since 2012, just one day after a raid the FBI was involved in on my property at 6059 Blackberry Street, Anchorage Alaska, were crimes that the FBI has a long history of committing against civilians. Stalking, harassment, slander, theft, drugging, arson, psychological warfare, hacking, data manipulation, data theft, website attacks, vehicle tampering, destruction of evidence, phone hacking, homeland security joint drills and exercises carried out in my subdivision where I was stalked, harassed and set up by Harris County Police, and of course censorship of any mention of the crimes they commit in a many year long ongoing campaign of terror.
A new tool that the US intelligence agencies now wield against civilians is the use of military grade weapons. For many years a endless number of Americans are reporting the use of microwave weapons.
The most publicized case of the use of these weapons is on the US diplomats in Cuba.
Cynthia Strickland sister of Michael Strickland
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