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This episode is a switch up from our typical news-hounding and political commentary. In fact, we take our time analyzing the spectrum of merely event that happened, just this past week; Elon Musk announcing his Neuralink service. Now, for people like ourselves, this spelled out for us more than a simple service, it, if anything, depicts the days we've entered into.

Talks of Brain-To-Cloud Interface and Brain-To-Machine interfaces are becoming passe, and borderline encouraged as a necessity for humanity's evolution. From delving into simple processes of mind control, and how they're being deployed onto the masses, to the extra-dimensional influence that technology has, this episode was particularly crafted to exemplify some of the far reaching threats of an all-consuming A.I.

Already we see forms of the technological takeover usurping reality, using its tendrils of influence to infect our worlds. I speak about how social media is being used as a facsimile of the real, and how, because of the heavy delusion some people are under, how they want the facsimile, the illusion, to be real. This is the spell that technology has put us under.

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